One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 5 English Subbed

Here is a new episode of One Punch Man Season 2 (English Subbed) which is now available in HD streaming for free with 9Anime.
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  1. AnimeWatcher123

    I appreciate that they are working hard but its just not good. Episodes 1 and 2 were rubbish, but episode 3 was really good. Then episode 4 was nothing and the cuts between the martial arts with Saitama and Metal Bat fighting was really bad transitioning. Finally episode 5 that came out today is very stale their was little to no fighting and they missed a chance to make it good. Sorry for the rant but after I watched episode 3 I thought their was still hope but now after 4 and 5 its dying down for me although I will still watch it I wish I could truly enjoy it like season 1 but that dose not look like the case.

    • AnimeWatcher1234

      bruh. The anime is good I’m not a critic unlike you and just watch anime for entertainment BUT EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS IS GREAT.

  2. BrieBrie

    This is cancer

  3. like you guys had to cut off when it got juicy..

  4. assholedon

    it keeps buffering, why do you stream videos you, yourself, know you cannot stream

  5. The most important fight scenes and you ruin it!

    • rlydude

      what? these are NOT the important fights at all, do u know nothing about this arc? the important fights are later on at monster association hq, also, none of these fights were long to begin with, did u even read the manga at all or are u just trying to sound like u know what ur talking about? so far, they have stuck impressively close to the manga, but I guess theres someone willing to bitch about anything right?

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