Black Clover Episode 82 English Subbed

Here is a new episode of Black Clover (English Subbed) which is now available in HD streaming for free with 9Anime.
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  1. I didn’t even bother watching this bs I skipped around through it waste of an episode

  2. WTF was that!!! ?? i was exepecting a great episode turn out to a joke episode you setting there for seven days waiting and than they give you this joke thanks for nothing see you next week

  3. ummm is this naruto now were all the episodes are filler?

  4. What the frack is this? Episode 81 ended in the heat of a serious battle and then they put this joke out for the week!!!

  5. Only a idiot will put this as an episode

  6. thefucksortashitwasthisepisode

    this episode was dog shit

  7. worst episode

  8. Gaarath

    Not the kind of episode i was hoping for

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